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  only real Stonewylders will see this (the rest are traitors on facebook, yuck and spits on floor) 
Just sharing that we are making our annual trip to Shropshire for the da to the Clun Green Man Festival. It's a whole weekend of events, culminating in the battle between the Green Man and Frost Queen…
692 days ago
Shropshire, Clun, United Kingdom
706 days ago
Women Outside The Box are holding their third Festival of Female Entrepreneurs in Colston Hall, Bristol. The event is free, and runs from 9.30am till 4pm. The website says: "This year’s theme is ‘Reac…
887 days ago
Colston Hall, Bristol, United Kingdom
904 days ago
guess who forgot her password ....and name lol well at least my laptop remembered it . hi folks nikki the nut is back in ,been very busy this year .As some of you know im going through a majorly bad time with a family thing ,which is going to get worse in the next 2 months ,at the same time iat the …
905 days ago
I've just come back from a drive across the county to visit Colleen the beekeeper and her husband Terry. It was like stepping into another world and it could have been a cottage in Stonewylde. Some of you know I met Colleen at my dad's funeral and she was one of his 'apprentices' over the past 7 yea…
919 days ago
Avalon Arthurian Faery Ball 2014 Saturday 25th October 2014 at Glastonbury Town Hall - featuring the music of Scottish warriors, Saor Patrol and The Dolmen. Tickets £25 for evening Faery Ball. £25.00 …
882 days ago
do your homework, Glastonbury, United Kingdom
Almost time to brave the brambles and fill up tubs, make tarts, wine or just have a purple tounge  Here is a nice like I am sure you will enjoy reading http://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/blogs/wildlife-and-nature/hedgerow-harvest/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=natures_cale…
This is the evening of performances which is part of the Mystical Arts weekend in Glastonbury.  The concert is on the night of the 1st November and features Coco and The Butterfields, the incredibly t…
875 days ago
Town Hall, Glastonbury, United Kingdom
972 days ago
After the success of the first Mystical Arts event in February the event is returning on 1st & 2nd November (Halloween weekend!). The weekend's mystical market features over 40 stalls offering gif…
874 days ago
Town Hall, Glastonbury, United Kingdom
972 days ago
The second Oak & Ivy Faery Festival, takes place in Newtown, Mid Wales, on Saturday 26th July. During the day there will be stalls, live music and children's entertainment!Entry is just £2 per per…
973 days ago
Monty Club, Newtown, United Kingdom
981 days ago
I'm on my way to Stonewylde - 8.8%
I've been to Stonewylde - 6.1%
I love Stonewylde - 9.5%
My heart lives in Stonewylde - 50.3%
Follow me to Stonewy - 25.2%
989 days ago
Just to let the Clan know that the Cotswold Order of Druids are at Rollright Stones this Sunday 22nd for their Solstice ceremony. It starts at 3pm. It's a fantastic ritual, totally optional if you wan…
1007 days ago
Little Rollright, Oxford/Warwick, United Kingdom
1010 days ago
Went to church today, No I havent been brainwashed (even though the stories were good when in school). I was passing one and stopped to check if the Swallows were nesting there as in past years, there seems a nest in the main porch going by the droppings on the floor, if only they nested in the same…
Professor Ronald Hutton, University of Bristol. Tuesday 22 July, 6.30pm Professor Ronald Hutton is the leading scholar of ancient religious practices and folklore in the United Kingdom, and a Fellow o…
977 days ago
The Oxfordshire Museum, Woodstock, United Kingdom
1011 days ago
I've been offered my Nieces' childrens' Wendy house for converting into a henhouse. Won't be able to get started on it for 2-3weeks as, it's housing the contents of their old shed. So, when the shed is up, the Wendy house will be taken apart and transported over to me, they only live about 3 miles a…
1018 days ago
Yesterday, I went with my Sister to collect some eggs from the farm where we usually get them from and spoke to the owner about having some chickens. He had told me last tiem we went in that he sold point of lay chickens, (at around 18 weeks old), what he termed, 'Fancy Breeds'. So, we discussed the…
1022 days ago
I'M NOT GETTING HETTY AND MAISIE NOW! Because I couldn't get the transport to bring them and their house home, the owner decided to give them to her daughter, why she didn't ask her first instead of offering them first for free then for sale I don't know! I have a Plan 'B' though! Where I buy my egg…
1033 days ago
Yes! I'm getting hens very soon! 2 hens, Hetty a black Copper Maran and Maisie a Bluebelle. They are both about 8-9 months old, laying and very friendly! They come with a coop/run, feeder/drinker/food etc. Vaccinated, wormed, wing clipped. They both lay at least one egg most days. I'm so excited and…
1034 days ago
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