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Here you can meet with other readers of the Stonewylde books by Kit Berry. We're a friendly group and welcome all readers to discuss the books and many other topics related to the Stonewylde "ethos".

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Some updates about the new community
95 days ago
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We're taking part in this amazing one day festival at Guildford Cathedral on Monday May 5th - the first May Bank Holiday. The day includes music and performances from a host of stars, including Brian …
in 18 days
Guildford Cathedral, Guildford, United Kingdom
10 days ago
Kit is incredibly excited to be invited along to the 2014 Grand Opening of Sandworld, at Lodmoor Park in Weymouth, Dorset.  The theme this year is Literally Sand, focussing on authors and books.  Ther…
11 days ago
Sandworld, Weymouth, United Kingdom
16 days ago
Kit's been invited to give a talk at the regular Thursday morning event at Tilehurst Library, on the western edge of Reading. She''ll be speaking from 10.30 until 11.30 about Stonewylde and her publis…
in 8 days
Tilehurst Library, Tilehurst, United Kingdom
29 days ago
Having suddenly found myself at a loose end this week, I decided finally to start off the work around the migration of the content from the old NING community. I'm determined to get this saved somewhere. Hopefully that somewhere will be in this community.  It's history, afterall! The big problem is …
40 days ago
only on Shrove Tuesday - 30%
any time you fancy - 50%
just a few times a year - 10%
regular (like weekly) - 0%
are you a serial tosser - 0%
hate them - 10%
never tried one - 0%
no interest - 0%
allergic so stay clear of th - 0%
Yes it's that time of year again. Went out the garden last night late, must have been raining everything was wet and there sitting on the path right in front of me was the first Frog of the season.  Where did it come from?? who knows? But it was heading for our little pond so I gave him a helping ha…
The Super Bowl  A man had 50 yard line tickets for the Super Bowl. As he sat down, he noticed that the seat next to him was empty. He asked the man on the other side of the empty seat whether anyone was sitting there."No," the man replied, "The seat is empty.""This is incredible," said the first man…
Yorkshire Women 3 men married wives from different countries. The first man married awoman from China. He told her that she was to do their dishes and housecleaning. It took a couple of days, but on the third day, he came hometo see a clean house and dishes washed and put away. The second man marrie…
Hare Stone - 11.1%
Stone Circle - 5.6%
Yew Tree - 5.6%
Mother Heggy's Cottage - 33.3%
Mooncliffe - 11.1%
the Wildwood - 16.7%
Village Green - 5.6%
Yew of Death - 0%
the Beach - 0%
the Spring/well hea - 11.1%
59 days ago
Barn Owls, a majestic icon of the British countryside, are dying off in their thousands. A changing climate and habitat loss is part of the picture, but Britain's Barn Owls are also being killed by powerful rat poisons used on farms across the country. When owls eat poisoned rodents, they ingest dea…
Classic comedy from Carp on Digj and Ebany (vocals). Brings back some memories!
91 days ago
Kit will be taking part once again in the amazing Crabchurch Conspiracy event, organised by Mark Vine and friends.This is a weekend of Civil War re-enactment fun, with soldiers and civilians from both…
59 days ago
Weymouth Pavilion, Weymouth, United Kingdom
92 days ago
Yul - 2.9%
Sylvie - 8.6%
Leveret - 28.6%
Magus - 5.7%
Clip - 28.6%
Maisie - 0%
Mother Heggy - 25.7%
93 days ago
We are almost into mid January and a time when ideally, we would all maybe like to curl up and hide away from the chill of January, hibernating until Imbolc...or until the next payday if we have had an expensive Christmas! The 'madness' that is Christmas is over (That's a 'yay' from me!) and althoug…
93 days ago
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