So the new community is now up and running. Although the software I am using has been around for sometime, it's new to me and I am still finding my way around how to configure it specifically to our community needs. I've configured most items as I think we might want to use them, but undoubtedly there will be some wrinkles that still need ironing out. Please let me know via the Feedback under the About Us menu if there is anything that is not right or you think should be changed. If it makes sense, I'll see what I can do to make the changes or put it right. You can also get other to vote on your suggestion!

I think potentially the features that this community has are greater than what we had in the Ning community, so please give them all a go and lets see how we get on. You can use Facebook to register and log-in to your profile and the site is all accessble from a mobile browser too - even the Facebook login. Hopefull this will make it more inviting and easier to engage with than before.

I aim to keep this page updated with any changes of note that you may find useful, so please do subscribe to it using the link on the right to get notified of changes.


12/01/2014: Notice the timestamp is wrong. It is 6 hours behind. Not sure how to fix this yet!

13/01/2014: Hoping at some point soon to add in a better editor which will also allow Smilies in posts.

13/01/2014: Fixed chat. Should now work.

15/01/2014: Time stamps now working to UK time.

20/01/2014: New editor in place and working

27/01/2014: Upload an image through the editor now works. Use this icon.

06/04/2014:Added improved email notifications

14/04/2014:Changed the format of the forums on the front page to include avatars and last reply avatar. This also summarises the topic with its posts (replies). Looks a lot more like NING style now.

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  •  SolsticeDawn: 

    so pleased mr B(ee) - what made you change your mind and give us another chance :-) xxx

     1524 days ago 
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Welcome to the new Stonewylde Community